Digital transformation

Digital transformation of the company

Focussing on Web 2.0 involves far more than just a company page on Facebook. It is much more about a process of change that will affect the company’s strategy, structure, culture and processes.



5 areas of transformation:

01 There has to be a change in corporate culture. The philosophy must be to try things out and “Fail - but fail fast”. Entrepreneurial risk must be accepted, even if this involves making mistakes. Staff with direct digital customer contact must be allowed to make their own decisions.
02 E-Commerce and online marketing know-how must be broadly anchored in the company, and the marketing department must have technological know-how.
03 Web-oriented companies no longer argue about the last 5%, preferring to test things out and then base their decisions on numbers and data. Speed is more important than perfection.
04 Agile working practices take the place of traditional working to a specification. Minimum Viable Products replace the perfect solution in order to gain customer reactions as quickly as possible.
05 The organisation has to encourage a combination of “digital natives” and experienced managers. And different individual realities regarding life and communication must be made transparent and mutually acceptable.